Jeremy Renner’s Home Is ‘Overflowing’ with Family and Love as He Recovers, Says Friend (Exclusive)

Jeremy Renner’s Home Is ‘Overflowing’ with Family and Love as He Recovers, Says Friend (Exclusive)

Jeremy Renner is surrounded by love as he recovers from his near-fatal snowplow accident.

The 52-year-old actor’s close friend and Rennervations executive producer Rory Millikin tells PEOPLE that Renner’s family members have rallied to support him in the months since his Jan. 1 accident on his property outside Reno, Nevada.

“His mom’s here constantly. I mean, his mom moved in to take care, just like moms do. Mothers play such an incredible role of support,” says Millikin. “You should see this house — it’s just overflowing with nieces, nephews and cousins and siblings all the time. It’s like a wonderful big family compound and everyone has played a huge role.”

“[His sister] Kym has just been unbelievable and quarterbacking everything. She’s just a beast when it comes to organization. So between Kym and his mom, they’ve just been fantastic in handling things,” says Millikin.

Renner, who is dad to 10-year-old daughter Ava, required multiple surgeries after being left in critical but stable condition after the accident, which left him with more than 30 broken bones, among other injuries.

Millikin recalls what it was like after the Marvel actor returned home from the hospital: “There was of gratefulness that he survived and gratefulness for his family. I think that’s the best way to put it.”

“He was just grateful he was here and he was grateful for the love and support of everyone and that meant everything to him,” he says. “He thinks about others, but here’s the guy who’s mortally wounded and he was thinking about everyone else around him. Who does that? He’s just a very unique, incredible guy.”

Renner “carries this burden very heroically,” according to Millikin, who adds that the actor’s “mood is inspirational.” And on top of support from family, the millions of fans who have expressed well wishes have made an impact on Renner.

“He’s a very passionate person. His mood is great. It’s strengthened by family and friends, who have been wonderful,” says Millikin. “You hear this, it sounds cheesy, thanks for all the support from fans, but it actually had a huge impact on him. He was reading through them all, and he actually spent the time reading a lot of these things and it gave him a lot of strength.”

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