A man touches a cat after being warned not to do it, the police knocks on his door a few days later

When Danny Boulder, a guy from Houston (Texas), flew to Mexico, he found a stray kitten in poor condition. Going against the advice of the locals, he decided to bring him back to the United States with him to help him regain his health.

But when two days later, two police officers showed up at his door, it was obvious that Danny had made a huge mistake in making this decision. He should have left the kitten where he had found it…

The police at the door

One day, Danny startled because of someone knocking hard on his door. When he looked out the window, he saw that it was the fact of two police officers. In fact, it wasn’t really “kling” at the door: it was so loud that it seemed above all that they were about to break down the door. Danny felt his heart fall into his chest. What did they want from him? At the very moment he opened the door, the police invited themselves to his house.

Danny tried to arrest them and asked for an explanation, but the police stopped repeating: “Where is he? Where is the cat?!” Danny couldn’t believe that all this was happening because of the kitten he had found during his vacation… But what was wrong with this kitten? Would he have been better advised to have left him in Mexico? And why were the police so involved?

Solo vacation

Danny was alone on vacation in Mexico and was visiting a small village when he saw the kitten for the first time. He was covered with dust from living on the street and was obviously very weak. It seemed that he was an orphan since his mother was not in the vicinity. The kitten followed him for a while.

When Danny went to a busier street, he noticed that the animal was asking for more attention. His first thought was to take the kitten and take it to a shelter. He approached the little beast, but Danny was stopped in his momentum by the cries in Spanish of the locals. What were they saying?

A cuddly kitten

While Danny stood still and the little kitten slowly approached him, the locals continued to shout, telling him not to take or touch the creature. At first, Danny wanted to ask them why he shouldn’t do this, but his Spanish was not advanced enough to ask this question. And he was not sure he could understand the answer.

With the kitten climbing his boot, Danny decided that the inhabitants were surely confusing him for nothing, because they liked to play with foreigners visiting their village. Then, he thought that they might want to keep the kitten to raise it and eat it later…

Take care of the kitten

Danny opened the car, put the kitten in an old sweater and started very quickly, before the locals could stop him. He didn’t understand why there was so much agitation for a little cat. He was only thinking of feeding the kitten before depositing it in an animal shelter.

Danny was driving without really knowing where he was going to finish. He was looking for a larger city where he could find pet stores or at least a place that would sell food for kittens. He was in a little hurry, because he had already noticed that the kitten was hungry and had no energy at all.

A long journey

Despite the bad conditions, he knew deep inside that he could not say goodbye to the kitten, even if he wanted to. He had already begun to establish a link with him and the only logical solution seemed to be to bring him back with him. After eating and drinking, the kitten seemed to come back to life a little. There was still one day left before arriving in Houston, Texas.

The kitten, who was beginning to be very curious, was exploring every nook and cranny of Danny’s car. As he had nothing to keep the little ball of hair, he decided not to make an effort to hide the animal. He would soon have to cross the border…

Border control

When Danny passed the border checkpoint, he was immediately asked questions about the kitten. He replied that he was traveling around the world with his cat and that there was really nothing more to add. The guards whispered a few sentences to each other, but Danny got permission to continue his journey.

As usual, the border was very busy. Danny told himself that he didn’t want to waste too much time discussing the reasons that led him to bring a kitten back to the United States, because there were certainly other things that needed his attention.

A permanent home

Danny felt relieved to be able to continue his journey whose goal was to give a permanent home to his furry friend. He had always dreamed of having a cat. Thus, this situation gave the impression that his dream had finally come true. Danny had a golden heart. After all, the man had decided to save a kitten wandering in the Mexican streets.

He was not stupid either since he had understood that a vagabond could have several diseases. So he decided to make an appointment with the veterinarian once he returned home.

Missy, the little pussy

Fortunately, Danny was able to get an appointment for the next day. He was even the first of the day and then had to get up early in the morning. Despite the fact that he got up very early, he ended up being a little late, because the kitten did not want to be caught.

While the latter continued to flee, Danny decided it was time to give him a name. From now on, the kitten would be known as Missy. Missy was apparently far too curious since Danny spent his time losing sight of her. She was so small that she could sneak everywhere and she performed with enthusiasm.

Almost bitten

Danny ends up finding her under the sink just in time so as not to be late for the appointment with the veterinarian. But to her surprise, it seemed that Missy had less desire to be carried compared to the day before. Perhaps it was because she had recovered strength and her survival instinct was much more marked.

But every time Danny tried to catch him, he narrowly avoided getting bitten. He even heard him growl! Danny had never experienced this before. Then, he thought of something that could help him…

Go to the vet

Using gloves, he managed to place her in the old cage of his old cat and they were able to go to the veterinarian. Danny really hoped that this change in his behavior was only temporary. He got tired of his noisy whistling. How could Missy whistle so loudly?!

During the trip, it was clear that Missy was stressed and wanted to get out of the cage as quickly as possible. She was constantly whistling and scratching the inside of the cage. Danny tried to calm her down, but when he put his hand forward, the little cat scratched him on the spot.

Health risk

When Danny arrived on the spot, the veterinarian told him that it was better to calm the cat. In this way, he could examine it more safely. After Danny explained to him that he had found the animal on the street, the veterinarian wondered how the weakened kitten would react to the bite.

The doctor judged that Missy looked too weak and too undernourished and that anesthesia could end her life. Without any other option, the veterinarian decided to open the cage and let Missy out. But when he approached her, he was immediately scratched by the little cat. And now?

Take her home

After discussing it for a while, Danny and the veterinarian decided that it was better to bring Missy home. Danny had been tasked with making her stronger in the coming days so that it was possible to put her to sleep. The doctor gave him a bag of special foods that would speed up the process. They also hoped that it could help with Missy’s aggressive behavior.

If an animal feels in better shape, it also begins to behave much better. Danny brought the kitten home, but was not at all satisfied with the result. And the worst thing about all this was the fact that the veterinarian was also planning to do something…

The veterinarian calls the police

The veterinarian had not told Danny the truth, because he had been afraid of the consequences if he confronted him. He thought it was not his responsibility to tell him such things. That’s why he took his phone to call the police to inform them about the situation. They would thus be able to cope with this animal. The professional had never intended to examine Missy.

He had noticed that something was wrong as soon as Danny and his animal entered his office. He had used Missy’s weakness as an excuse for Danny to leave the clinic. This gave him the opportunity to call the police. They were going to settle this story.

The police arrive on the spot

Danny thought Missy was still under the stress of the trip and left her alone for a while, hoping that she would agree to eat later. However, he was increasingly beginning to regret his decision to take the kitten with him. These were only problems that followed one another. Danny didn’t know it yet, but the situation was about to get worse…

The man was looking out his window when he saw a police car with two officers inside stopping in front of his house. He noticed immediately that they were not there for a quiet discussion, but rather that they were looking for something.


They rushed to his porch and began to hammer his door in a hurry. Danny was surprised by the force they used, just to knock on the door. He did not understand why the police were at home since he had done nothing wrong. He hurried to the door to have his say.

Danny opened the door and began by greeting the police. But before he could speak, he was roughly pushed and the officers rushed inside. Danny found himself stunned for a second: he didn’t understand why all this was happening to him.

Ask for explanations

When Danny realized that they had passed in front of him without giving him a reason, he began to get angry. He went to his living room and exclaimed: “I’m asking for an explanation!” While continuing to search, one of the police officers exclaimed that they were looking for “the monster”. What did they mean by that? The only thing that came to Danny’s mind was that they were there for Missy.

But how did they know that the cat was in the house? And even worse, why did they say that the little cat was a monster? Before Danny could confirm or deny their allegations, Missy had already shown her face full of curiosity. “Here he is,” shouted one of the police officers.

In pursuit of Missy

The officers quickly pursued her, chasing Missy through the house until they stuck her in a corner. Danny could only look at the scene, in a state of shock, while everything was happening in front of his eyes. He was waiting to receive an answer as to why they had one after his cat and began to lose his temperament.

The police officers were clearly prepared for Missy’s capture since they were wearing thick gloves and had even brought a cage and a net that were at the entrance. Danny closed his front door and noticed that a van from the pound was parked near his porch.

He wasn’t a cat at all!!

The veterinarian immediately noticed that Danny had not brought a sick kitten with him, but rather an endangered Mexican red lynx! A species he was not supposed to possess, no matter the circumstances. Danny did not tell him that he had found the beast in Mexico and the veterinarian then assumed that he had brought him to the country illegally.

It was for this reason that the latter wanted the police to be involved. In addition, the veterinarian was afraid of the conflict face-to-face and decided that it was better to report such illegal cases directly to the police.

No other accusations

Later that day, Danny was summoned to make a statement describing how he had come into possession of the lynx. Although the real story seemed a little far-fetched, the police agreed to believe it.

They decided not to file a complaint against him after searching his house since they found no evidence of illegal practices. The lynx was handed over to a rescue center where it would be able to grow for a year or two, before returning to its natural habitat in Mexico.

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